Micro Segmentation

Stop Lateral traffic Movement with Granular Visibility and Micro-segmentation Controls

Mastering the art of Internet connectivity since 1996

Regional leader in Internet, Data and Cyber Security services. Serving various enterprise and government organizations.

Digital Certificates

Establish trust and online security for your growing website, e-commerce, blog or email.

Secure Web Gateway

Persistent and Universal Security.
Proactive protection against zero-day malware and phishing over any port or protocol, with 100% uptime.

20+ years in providing Internet connectivity to Government entities as well as small, medium and large enterprises.  

Our solutions range from broadband and dedicated Leased Lines to branch connectivity and SD-WAN. We will cater for all your applications and daily business challenges.

We promise a dedicated (no-sharing) pipe and a 24/7 customer support that will be there for you promptly and when needed.

Our online presence solutions helps you create your web image and promote your online presence to the world. From Domain Name Registration to Emails, Collaboration and Web performance, all our services are designed with simplicity and security in mind. We will help you engage your customers with optimized Web experiences.

Carrier-grade infrastructure and network resiliency will ensure high availability for your business.

First to introduce DDOS scrubbing to Saudi Arabia, Cyberia today is a leader in Cyber Security. In Partnership with world leading Cyber Security and Managed Services providers, we will protect your infrastructure, digital assets and reputation.

All our services are governed by leading Service Level Agreements.

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