Cyber Mesh and User & Entity Behavior Analytics

"Over the next three years, leading User & Entity Behavior Analytics platforms will become preferred systems for security operations and investigations." Gartner.

Addressing 7 challenges SOC managers face today

Lack of visibility
Alert Overload
Skill Shortage
Complexity of Threat Landscape
Lack of Collaboration
Compliance Requirements
Lack of Integration
Managing a Security Operations Center (SOC) can be a complex and challenging task. SOC Managers are responsible for ensuring the security of their organization's networks, systems, and data. However, they often face several challenges that can hinder their effectiveness.

The LinkShadow Cyber Mesh Security Architecture offers a more integrated, dynamic, and proactive approach to cybersecurity compared to the traditional siloed approach. By consolidating security into a cyber mesh platform, organizations can enhance their visibility, agility, and overall security posture.

Automatic discovery of all devices across your entire network, providing insight into device type and OS, plus validation of whether devices are managed or unmanaged, and whether endpoint security is installed.

Customizable dashboard and Reporting helps demonstrate compliance to security policies and enable accurate and faster decision-making. The CSMP also provides a unified view of security policies and procedures.

Visual trend analytics on user behavior including authentication patterns, application usage habits, etc.

How do we help you close the gaps?

Global view of the latest attacks on your organization based on threat feeds from existing security assets.

Geo-intelligence based topological view helps you monitor suspicious inbound/outbound traffic.

Single-pane-of-glass view on the effectiveness of your existing security systems through log correlation: firewall, sandbox, IPS and endpoint security.
Anomaly detection through behavioral analytics performed on correlated logs, packet and 3rd party tool detection using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Graphical positioning of threats with prioritization on threats to "Act on" now.

Detailed view of an anomalous entity in your network and the connections it makes with other entities in the network.
Automated Response on anomalies.

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